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St. Francis Medical Center Hosted Vaccine Clinic in Historic Partnership

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St. Francis Medical Center Hosted Vaccine Clinic in Historic Partnership

COVID-19 Second dose clinic in partnership with City of Lynwood and Speaker Anthony Rendon
helped to ensure most impacted populations are fully vaccinated

St. Francis Medical Center hosted its second COVID-19 vaccine clinic as part of its unique partnership with California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon’s office, the City of Lynwood, and SELA Collaborative to promote health equity and serve the Lynwood community, which is one of the most impacted communities in California. The clinic helped to ensure that residents who received their initial dose at St. Francis’ vaccine clinic on March 29 had access to the necessary follow-up dose and be fully immunized.

More than 1,200 community members received their second COVID-19 shot at Francis Medical Center on April 20. Like the first clinic coordinated through the partnership, St. Francis’ second dose clinic provided vaccines at no cost, regardless of ability to pay.

St. Francis Medical Center, a member of Prime Healthcare, has been committed to providing critical life­saving care throughout the pandemic, serving more COVID-19 patients in one of the most disproportionately impacted and underserved areas of California. St. Francis was recently chosen to be part of the California Vaccine Network, a statewide effort to coordinate and expand delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine, particularly to communities disproportionately impacted by the virus.

“St. Francis serves a critical role in its community and we are honored to partner with the State and County to expand needed access and promote health equity, providing vaccine to those most in need,” said Kavitha Bhatia, MD, President of Prime Healthcare Foundation and Chief Medical Officer, Prime Healthcare. “We understand how important the second dose vaccine clinic was to Lynwood residents. As vaccine eligibility has recently expanded to all Californians over 16, we hope to expand vaccinations to all and especially communities where access to healthcare resources is limited. We are grateful to have this opportunity to partner in forwarding our vaccination goals across California and the nation which provides hope to bringing an end to this pandemic.”

Dan Jones, CEO of St. Francis, acknowledged the shared commitment of the partnership. He stated, “We want to thank our partners at the City of Lynwood, Speaker Rendon’s office and SELA for reaching out personally to every vaccine recipient from our first clinic to assist them with making an appointment for today’s event. By ensuring that residents are fully vaccinated, we can help safeguard our families and our community.”

Lynwood Mayor Marisela Santana was on hand to greet residents and thank them for taking the step to get vaccinated. She was joined by Lynwood City Council Member Jose Luis Solache, who received his first dose vaccine at St. Francis Medical Center’s community clinic three weeks ago. He returned today for his second dose and to show support for the community.

SELA Collaborative Executive Director Dr. Wilma Franco was impressed by the number of people who were vaccinated at St. Francis today. She credits the partnership. While the City of Lynwood and Speaker Rendon’s office got the word out and St. Francis oversaw clinic operations, her team at SELA helped contact and make appointments for more than a thousand community members. She said, “This has been an amazing partnership. Being able to reach the community this way is very rewarding. This is my community, and I am proud to do this on behalf of them.”

Fred Ortega, senior director, Government Relations for Prime Healthcare, agreed and shared that, while making follow-up calls to schedule appointments, he learned what today’s clinic meant to people. “Prime’s mission to save community hospitals has never been as impactful as it is today,” he stated. “At our hospitals in Lynwood, Inglewood and across the U.S., we have been humbled as people have expressed their thanks for making vaccinations accessible to them.”

Illustrating further the good will the vaccine clinic prompted, Anthony Tran, one of the 20 BSN RN students from West Coast University who helped to administer vaccines, said, “It feels really rewarding to be a part of this. COVID has seriously impacted so many people. By being here today, I hope I can save families from the agony of the virus.” With a nod he added, “This opportunity makes me remember why I want to be a nurse.”

Based on the community’s response, St. Francis Medical Center and its vaccine clinic partners can feel confident that they are helping to move Southeast Los Angeles communities past the pandemic. Lynwood resident Maria Flores works at a school, and after her second dose was administered by Tran, she said, “I am grateful to be fully vaccinated, especially because I work with kids. Right now, some of them can’t get vaccinated. I’m happy that I can help protect them.”

Dr. Bhatia summed up the day by stating, “We are incredibly grateful to now be providing vaccine which is life changing and live-saving. Prime’s mission is to bring quality compassionate care to communities, expand access, and promote health equity, and through this partnership, we are bringing care to those most in need and improve the health of all we serve.”

second dose clinic
More than 1,200 people received their second dose COVID vaccine at St. Francis Medical Center’s vaccine clinic on April 20.

Vaccine recipients were happy to be fully immunized
Vaccine recipients were happy to be fully immunized.

Lynwood City Council Member Jose Luis Solache received his first and second dose vaccine at St. Francis and showed his support for the clinic and the community.

St. Francis Medical Center’s clinic partners reached out directly to residents to assist them with making 2nd dose vaccine appointments.

St. Francis’ vaccine clinic was organized through of a unique partnership between the hospital, Speaker Anthony Rendon’s office, the City of Lynwood and SELA Collaborative. Pictured from left: Lynwood City Council Member Jose Luis Solache, Lynwood Mayor Marisela Santana and Prime Healthcare Senior Director of Government Relations Fred Ortega.

Lynwood resident Maria Flores (left) works with students and was grateful to be fully vaccinated to keep them safe. Anthony Tran, West Coast University BSN RN student, administered vaccines and said helping at the clinic reminded him of why he wants to be a nurse.

A disabled grandmother and grandfather received their second dose vaccines
A disabled grandmother and grandfather received their second dose vaccines at the St. Francis clinic. They take care of their 11-month old grandson while their son and daughter-in-law work.

For many vaccine recipients, being fully immunized means protecting themselves and the youngest to the oldest members of their households.

About St. Francis Medical Center: St. Francis Medical Center is one of the leading comprehensive healthcare institutions serving Southeast Los Angeles. A member of Prime Healthcare, St. Francis is dedicated to providing vital health care services for the 700,000 adults and 300,000 children who count on the hospital for high quality and compassionate medical care. St. Francis is recognized for its full range of diagnostic and treatment services in specialties including Cardiovascular, Surgical, Orthopedics, Maternal-Child Health, and Trauma and its broad array of outreach programs. St. Francis Medical Center is an Approved Primary Stroke Care Center and STEMI Receiving Center for Los Angeles County and designated Baby-Friendly healthcare facility by Baby-Friendly USA.

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