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First 5 LA Welcome Baby Program

The First 5 LA Welcome Baby Program believes that every mom and baby deserve a healthy life. first 5 la Welcome Baby logo

Welcome Baby gives you personal support and resources during pregnancy and early parenthood. This program is FREE for families delivering at St. Francis Medical Center, no matter your income, immigration status, or insurance coverage. Welcome Baby is a program funded by First 5 LA.

For more information download the flyer

If you would like a Welcome Baby representative to contact you about possible enrollment:

  1. Complete the Outreach Form
  2. Save a copy to your computer
  3. Email the completed form to

Or call us at 310-900-4710.

What You Get

  • Your own parent’s coach who will be there, virtually, by phone, or at home, to answer questions about pregnancy and caring for your newborn (and yourself!)
  • An in-hospital visit to provide breastfeeding assistance and other helpful support
  • Your own registered nurse who can answer questions and check up on you and the baby after you get home from the hospital
  • Ongoing support* to help you have a healthy pregnancy and birth, manage stress, make breastfeeding easier, bond with your baby, and create a baby-safe home
  • Connections to community resources: Free or low cost baby supplies, applying for programs like WIC or CalFresh, finding a specialist… whatever you need!

*Support may vary depending on where you live. Welcome Baby does NOT count toward the “public charge” test.

Program Visits

  • First or second trimester of pregnancy: virtual or home visit*
  • Phone call check-in
  • Third trimester of pregnancy: virtual or home visit
  • Baby is born: postpartum hospital visit
  • Nurse visit shortly after mom and baby come home (virtual or home visit)
  • Baby's 2-4 weeks: virtual or home visit
  • Baby’s 2 months: virtual or home visit
  • Baby’s 9 months: final visit*

*Only virtual visits at this time

Home Visiting Programs

The Welcome Baby program provides support until your baby is 9 months old. Some families may qualify for a partner program’s home visiting services, which can last up to 5 years.

Partner Programs

  • El Nido Family Centers
  • Human Services Association
  • Plaza Community Services
  • Richstone Family Center
  • Shields for Families
  • The Whole Child

We will help you determine which program is best for you; the choice is yours and there is no commitment.

All programs provide one-on-one support to help you:

  • Gain confidence as a parent
  • Promote your baby’s growth and brain development
  • Breastfeed more easily
  • Find community resources (baby supplies and programs like WIC, CalFresh, housing services)
  • Create a safe, nurturing home environment
  • Coordinate health coverage and check-ups for mom and baby